September openings

8DOL will be back and open for orders from September 2nd!

But who are 8DOL?

We are a student delivery service who deliver a wide range of fresh groceries to students in a quick time and at a competitive price. All of our orders will be delivered to students’ doors within an average of 28 minutes at the small fee of only £1, with a minimum spend of £5.

As well as our competitive prices we also release a new list of  student deals that come out every week.

We are the fastest grocery delivery service in the UK!

With over 500+ products to choose from, users are guaranteed to find something they enjoy. Whether that be food for breakfast, lunch or dinner, students will always have a catalogue of options to choose from. A wide range of snacks, soft and alcoholic drinks are also up for purchase at any time through the app.

How do I get the service?

If you’re a student studying at Bournemouth or Southampton Universities, you can place your orders from September 2nd.

Oxford, Portsmouth, Bristol, Bath and London Universities will also be able to gain access to 8DOL later in September.

Once we are live in your area all you need to do is download and sign up to our free app, and then you are all set to have food delivered straight to your door.

We are constantly looking to expand our service and open new stores across more Universities throughout 2019.

Keep following us on all our social media platforms to keep up to date with all our cheap deals and news on where we may open next.