Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Delivery Service

With the increasing outbreak of COVID19 having an impact on our day to day lives, at 8DOL we wanted to inform you on the steps we are taking to help all our customers & riders.

Keeping up good hygiene
In line with official government advice, hygiene is an absolute priority and minimising contact will reduce the risk of transmission. This is being communicated with all of our riders and we will be advising them to minimise contact.

On top of this any customer can request “NO CONTACT” within the remarks on an order which will be communicated onto our rider teams.

Meeting customer needs during outbreak
8DOL provides a wide range of products, many of which are in demand during this outbreak. We will continue to do our best to meet customer expectations and will be updating our promotions to include meal, snacking and other relevant promotions to help during this outbreak.

8DOL is committed to not profiteering from an outbreak and we will not be increasing the cost of any of our items such as hand wash beyond our standard pricing.

Where some items are in short supply 8DOL will do our best to offer a relevant substitute and continue to meet our customer’s needs.

This is a rapidly changing situation and during this time we will be working with our riders, customers & merchants to update our policies in line with Public Health England advice.

Delivery Fee 
Due to the increase in demand & to allow us to support our riders better during this challenging period we have temporarily increased our delivery fee to £2.00.

Thank for your understanding, this along with our entire approach to Coronavirus is under continual review.

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