NHS Free Delivery

NHS Free Delivery

Hello NHS Worker,

We wanted to give back something small to all you heroes battling this unprecedented crisis of COVID-19.

During the outbreak we are offering free delivery to all NHS workers. If you need snacks during a shift, or live within our delivery zone and can’t face going to the shops then pop an order through on 8DOL.  No delivery charge to you.

How to get free delivery

First make sure you have downloaded our app and registered an account – app can be downloaded here

Then just fill in the form below along with a photo of your NHS ID. We are still a small company, so this process is a little manual(Sorry). 

We will then upgrade your account ASAP, so you can get 1 free delivery every day. 

Any issues, there’s a live chat within the app and our team are happy to help you. 

All the best, 



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