8DOL UK launches September 2018

8DOL UK Launch with Craig Moore & Alfie Porter

8DOL is a grocery & convenience 28 minute delivery service for students, but also local community households/ offices. 8DOL is already running successfully in China with over 3 million users and a turnover of over £500 million a year, it has now become the world’s largest student grocery delivery APP.

Alfie Porter, 20 and Craig Moore, 29 will be responsible for bringing 8DOL into the UK, starting with Bournemouth for September-

Alfie spent 2017 based in China and took on a placement opportunity with 8DOL China. Alfie spent a lot of time with Gu Wen, (founder of 8DOL China) and his team and could see the potential of bringing the model to the UK/ Europe. Alfie pitched the idea to the directors of Solent Group (UK based) and began to form an agreement to bring 8DOL to the UK.

Craig has recently joined the business now that the APP has been developed, Craig will be Head of Operations and will implement the company’s ambitious growth plans. 8DOL’s first location will be Bournemouth for a September launch, with a further 8 locations lined up throughout 2019.

Craig – “The supermarket delivery sector is growing rapidly with many competitors attracting multi million pound investments, following on from deliveroo’s success in the restaurant / takeaway delivery sector. I was instantly drawn to this opportunity and unlike any of our other competitors we hold our own stock so we are price competitive with traditional retail stores. I can’t wait to see where we can take this business.”

Alfie – “I am really pleased to be this close to launching after a long year, the combination of the support from Gu Wen and his team, Solent Group’s knowledge of the sector and Craig’s passion puts us in a fantastic position.”