Become an 8DOL partner shop

During the Coronavirus outbreak the entire industry has seen a huge increase in online deliveries. 8DOL is looking to rapidly expand it’s service to help convenience stores offer online delivery & meet community needs. We do not charge high commission rates other delivery partners offer and work with a limited number of stores as a partnership. 

8DOL will provide the platform, the customers & handle the entire delivery operation.

If you are running a convenience store looking to take online orders & add extra turnover to your shop, please get in touch via the form below.


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NHS Free Delivery

NHS Free Delivery

Hello NHS Worker,

We wanted to give back something small to all you heroes battling this unprecedented crisis of COVID-19.

During the outbreak we are offering free delivery to all NHS workers. If you need snacks during a shift, or live within our delivery zone and can’t face going to the shops then pop an order through on 8DOL.  No delivery charge to you.

How to get free delivery

First make sure you have downloaded our app and registered an account – app can be downloaded here

Then just fill in the form below along with a photo of your NHS ID. We are still a small company, so this process is a little manual(Sorry). 

We will then upgrade your account ASAP, so you can get 1 free delivery every day. 

Any issues, there’s a live chat within the app and our team are happy to help you. 

All the best, 



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Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Delivery Service

With the increasing outbreak of COVID19 having an impact on our day to day lives, at 8DOL we wanted to inform you on the steps we are taking to help all our customers & riders.

Keeping up good hygiene
In line with official government advice, hygiene is an absolute priority and minimising contact will reduce the risk of transmission. This is being communicated with all of our riders and we will be advising them to minimise contact.

On top of this any customer can request “NO CONTACT” within the remarks on an order which will be communicated onto our rider teams.

Meeting customer needs during outbreak
8DOL provides a wide range of products, many of which are in demand during this outbreak. We will continue to do our best to meet customer expectations and will be updating our promotions to include meal, snacking and other relevant promotions to help during this outbreak.

8DOL is committed to not profiteering from an outbreak and we will not be increasing the cost of any of our items such as hand wash beyond our standard pricing.

Where some items are in short supply 8DOL will do our best to offer a relevant substitute and continue to meet our customer’s needs.

This is a rapidly changing situation and during this time we will be working with our riders, customers & merchants to update our policies in line with Public Health England advice.

Delivery Fee 
Due to the increase in demand & to allow us to support our riders better during this challenging period we have temporarily increased our delivery fee to £2.00.

Thank for your understanding, this along with our entire approach to Coronavirus is under continual review.

September openings

8DOL will be back and open for orders from September 2nd!

But who are 8DOL?

We are a student delivery service who deliver a wide range of fresh groceries to students in a quick time and at a competitive price. All of our orders will be delivered to students’ doors within an average of 28 minutes at the small fee of only £1, with a minimum spend of £5.

As well as our competitive prices we also release a new list of  student deals that come out every week.

We are the fastest grocery delivery service in the UK!

With over 500+ products to choose from, users are guaranteed to find something they enjoy. Whether that be food for breakfast, lunch or dinner, students will always have a catalogue of options to choose from. A wide range of snacks, soft and alcoholic drinks are also up for purchase at any time through the app.

How do I get the service?

If you’re a student studying at Bournemouth or Southampton Universities, you can place your orders from September 2nd.

Oxford, Portsmouth, Bristol, Bath and London Universities will also be able to gain access to 8DOL later in September.

Once we are live in your area all you need to do is download and sign up to our free app, and then you are all set to have food delivered straight to your door.

We are constantly looking to expand our service and open new stores across more Universities throughout 2019.

Keep following us on all our social media platforms to keep up to date with all our cheap deals and news on where we may open next.

8DOL live in Oxford

8DOL Oxford Delivery Service

8DOL the grocery & convenience 28 minute delivery service for students & households is live in Oxford

Our 3rd city to go live, Oxford has a world famous student heritage & a well known love of bikes. We are really excited to see 8DOL go live in Oxford and look forward to getting to know our new customers.

Shop from over 500+ items for delivery with an average delivery time of just 28 minutes. 8DOL are also actively recruiting for riders in the Oxford area.

The app is available from the app store.

8DOL UK launches September 2018

8DOL UK Launch with Craig Moore & Alfie Porter

8DOL is a grocery & convenience 28 minute delivery service for students, but also local community households/ offices. 8DOL is already running successfully in China with over 3 million users and a turnover of over £500 million a year, it has now become the world’s largest student grocery delivery APP.

Alfie Porter, 20 and Craig Moore, 29 will be responsible for bringing 8DOL into the UK, starting with Bournemouth for September-

Alfie spent 2017 based in China and took on a placement opportunity with 8DOL China. Alfie spent a lot of time with Gu Wen, (founder of 8DOL China) and his team and could see the potential of bringing the model to the UK/ Europe. Alfie pitched the idea to the directors of Solent Group (UK based) and began to form an agreement to bring 8DOL to the UK.

Craig has recently joined the business now that the APP has been developed, Craig will be Head of Operations and will implement the company’s ambitious growth plans. 8DOL’s first location will be Bournemouth for a September launch, with a further 8 locations lined up throughout 2019.

Craig – “The supermarket delivery sector is growing rapidly with many competitors attracting multi million pound investments, following on from deliveroo’s success in the restaurant / takeaway delivery sector. I was instantly drawn to this opportunity and unlike any of our other competitors we hold our own stock so we are price competitive with traditional retail stores. I can’t wait to see where we can take this business.”

Alfie – “I am really pleased to be this close to launching after a long year, the combination of the support from Gu Wen and his team, Solent Group’s knowledge of the sector and Craig’s passion puts us in a fantastic position.”

Challenge 25

We have adopted the Challenge 25 policy. If a rider believes that you look under  25 years, you will be asked to prove that you are aged over 18 years.

Acceptable documents to prove your age are a valid passport, a UK or Ireland photo card driving licence, a UK military ID or any PASS-accredited proof-of-age card. All ID must have a photograph of you, include your date of birth and outline the validity period for the document. If our riders are unsure about the document’s authenticity/validity or are unfamiliar with its features, they may feel unable to accept them.

If you are unable to prove you are over the age of 18 with one of the above methods the alcohol portion of your order will not be delivered. This will be refunded for you.

8DOL launches in Southampton

8DOL the grocery & convenience 28 minute delivery service for students & households has launched into Southampton.

Following a successful launch in Bournemouth, we have decided to launch our second UK site in Southampton.

Southampton was always a priority for us to launch in with 2 university as a strong student culture, we are looking forward to launching at growing our business in Southampton

We have also recently expanded our product range and now include over 500+ items all of which are available with an average delivery time of just 28 minutes. We are currently delivering to those in the SO14, SO15, SO16, SO17 & SO18 areas, so if you live in these areas be sure to download our app and try our service out.

8DOL Poor Weather Delivery Charge

Due to the serve weather ,we have temporarily raised our delivery fee to £2.50.

Due to these conditions, deliveries are much harder for riders. The raised delivery fee will go to riders to compensate for them making less deliveries than usual whilst reducing time pressures and keeping themselves safe in tough weather.

Thanks for your understanding, once the poor weather passes we will reduce our fee to our usual charge.